In order to evolve the hospitality, meetings and events industry, we are forming alliances with associations, companies and professionals across the business ecosystem. Our goal is to advance information beyond unconscious bias training and provide resources that assess, measure and establish benchmarks to help our clients strategically commit to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.   

MindStand’s AI engine adjusts in real time to better address your online community. The AI engine understands the intent and context of conversations to provide you with alerts on what really matters within your community. As an artificial intelligence platform trained by clinical psychologists, MindStand can identify:

  • Verbal harassment

  • Sexual misconduct

  • Emotional distress

  • Hate speech

  • Email & SMS alerts

  • Weekly breakdowns

  • Per user reports

  • At-risk employees/members

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ROI Institute, Inc., founded in 1992, helps organizations evaluate the success of projects and programs, including measuring the financial return on investment (ROI).


The ROI Methodology is a scalable and systematic approach to program evaluation. Using a process model, five-level framework, and operating standards to capture performance metrics from simple satisfaction scores to financial impact, the methodology enables you to collect appropriate data to report performance of a variety of initiatives and program types. The ROI Methodology generates both qualitative and quantitative data and provides techniques to isolate the effects of the program from other influences–resulting in credible metrics and ROI reports accepted by financial executives and stakeholders.

With over 6,000 organizations using this process, the ROI Methodology is the most used and implemented evaluation system in the world. The ROI Methodology not only provides the capability to evaluate program performance, but also improves the design of programs for optimal impact. A focused, proven and practical approach–the process is grounded in conservative standards and a cost effective approach to evaluation.


With Equimetrics, an organization gains critical, direct data-driven insight about its diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) culture and performance that would otherwise be inaccessible and unavailable to guide subsequent improvement efforts. Equimetrics allows senior leaders to engage in fact-based dialogue with their organization’s stakeholders around their DE&I efforts in ways leading to greater insight into their organizational culture.

Eq•ui•met•rics – Combining “equity” – the power of being fair and impartial – with “metrics” – a method of measuring something – Equimetrics delivers objective, customizable and scientifically based insights leading to immediately actionable, real-world solutions, and proven results adaptable to any size organization.