My name is Dawn Bennett.

My gender pronouns are

She / Her / Hers

I'm a progressive pastor,


change agent.​

I create space for hard conversations

Full Life Wellness


I am a person on a mission -- to empower us to reclaim the ways in which we identify ourselves in relation to others.

In my role as Co-Founder at CADAZO, as well as my other profession, I seek to ask the question "who's not here? whose voice is missing? and how can we get them to the conversation table?"  I CALL MYSELF A CHANGE AGENT because I believe in the process of change: how we respond to it and how it recreates opportunity for us. I appreciate any space in which I am given a platform to speak about Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) because in my best and most sincere assessment, it is how we all aim to live our lives.  In corporate settings this plays out in my work at CADAZO, helping companies and supplier chains make the most of their assets and productivity via healthy work environments.

I am also a pastor, author and mediator. Through my public platform DawnBennettSpeaks.net,

I have established myself throughout the Deep South as a conduit for gaining education and experience on the topic of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.  This is especially critical in faith spaces where LGBTQIA+ people, of which I am a part, are present [as well as other minority and vulnerable people groups].

I've been told my niche is helping people see and know the deeper meanings of being and belonging.

I take pride in the testimony of others to recognize this work. Translated to the meetings & events industry, I utilize full spectrum thinking to help Employers and Employees strengthen their working relationships to profit both people and products.

I am a trained Disaster Chaplain and ordained pastor in the ELCA Lutheran Church; I am the published author of Loving Pearl; and a leading voice in family reconciliation work.  In private circles, I invest my time helping families repair the breach in relationships. Corporately, I provide training, keynotes and workshops on EDI, Conflict Resolution and Family Systems...because healthy corporate families make for healthy corporations.

Education: MDiv Vanderbilt Divinity School; MACM Luther Seminary; BS Psychology Liberty University; Certificate in Gender, Religion, Sexuality, Vanderbilt Divinity School; TN Rule 31 trained Family/Civil Mediator; Dialogue Facilitator in Circle Process, Disaster Chaplain.

Fun facts: I live in Music City USA. I love to cook without a recipe. I know who I am and Whose I am, so I rarely read the comments section.






        ​Chaplains are trained in a variety of specialties. My training as  a Disaster Chaplain has prepared me to walk with

        people in a variety of secular and sacred settings. Natural Disasters, death and tragedy, and personal/family

        emergencies are all environments that impact our work-life harmony relationships.  

       Chaplains are trained to accompany people in need of spiritual guidance, absent of a particular religious affiliation. 


      ​ I am a Family & Civil Mediator trained to employ non-conflict resolution strategies in an effort to assist people and 

       corporations experiencing conflict.


 ​      As an ordained ELCA Lutheran pastor I am available to provide pastoral care to those in the Christian tradition.

       LGBTQIA+ open and affirming.