My gender pronouns are

She / Her / Hers

Strategic and Intentional Experience Creator. Building communities and connections through meeting and event experiences.

Strategic Planning


Carolynn started her career managing her family’s automotive business, learning every aspect of the business from working with the customers, scheduling the staff, researching and negotiating with suppliers and vendors, invoicing, and learning to do automotive work so she could pitch in on busy days.  Today with a knowledge of combustible engines and having completed many oil changes herself she can hold her own when talking to mechanics.  


This beginning introduction to business has fueled Carolynn’s continued professional journey of knowledge, organizational skills and people-centered curiosity and connection.  Carolynn has built further upon that career with a strategic business background in operations, industry knowledge and hands-on experience in Property Management, Life Insurance, Retail, Catering & Restaurants, Pharmaceutical and High Technology, and her love, Hospitality, Meetings and Events.    


Carolynn has over forty years of business experience in Small and Enterprise organizations, with thirty years of experience working in Silicon Valley.  This background has given Carolynn the understanding of the hard work, challenges and excitement of business, from the startup lens to the scale of enterprise organizations. 


While working in Silicon Valley she spent over fifteen years in global event and meeting planning; organizing and executing meetings, large-scale events, third-party trade shows, conferences, and incentive travel programs; organizing everything from a small business launch to corporate events on a global scale for 22,000 attendees.   


Carolynn holds a Bachelor’s of Science, Human Services and a Minor, Communications from Notre Dame de Namur, Belmont, CA.  She is currently pursuing her MBA, Marketing from the same University and is expected to graduate in 2021. 


Further information can be found online at Carolynn Santos on Linkedin.